Business License in Dubai, UAE

White Star offers the Business License service for company formation in Dubai, UAE. This service assists individuals and businesses in establishing their companies in Dubai by obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. Dubai is a thriving business hub that attracts entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, and Whitestar aims to facilitate the process of setting up a company in this dynamic city. With their expertise and knowledge of the local regulations and procedures, White star can guide clients through the entire process of obtaining a business license in Dubai, ensuring compliance with the legal requirements and facilitating a smooth company formation experience.

Resident Companies

Acquiring a business license in Dubai involves official formalities, such as government approval and document submission. While generally straightforward, it can be confusing depending on business activity and jurisdiction. For first-time investors, it can be daunting without external help, and mistakes can waste valuable time. Whitestar has extensive experience assisting small and medium enterprises, startups, and established businesses in Dubai. They provide precise guidance on the appropriate license, act as a bridge between clients and government authorities, and offer trade license approval and renewal services, including timely reminders to avoid fines.

Commercial License

A Commercial License is mandatory for businesses in the UAE involved in buying or selling commodities, conducting trading within and outside the Emirates. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for issuing this license. Our team ensures a smooth and timely process for obtaining the Commercial License, assisting with applications to relevant departments and ministries, and avoiding any errors or discrepancies that could lead to rejection. We help businesses secure their commercial license efficiently.

Industrial License

An Industrial License in the UAE is necessary for businesses engaged in industry-oriented initiatives. Activities such as aluminum manufacturing and oil/petroleum industries require an Industrial License. The Department of Economic Development is responsible for issuing this license. At White Star, our experienced team assists clients in obtaining an Industrial License efficiently, ensuring a smooth and expedited process for setting up industrial businesses in the UAE.

Professional License

A Professional License in Dubai and the UAE is necessary for individuals skilled in a specific profession or companies offering service-focused businesses. This license covers a wide range of professions such as consultancy, accounting, healthcare, teaching, law, and trade-oriented professions like carpentry. The Department of Economic Development issues Professional Licenses. With our expertise, we assist professionals in identifying the market, strategizing business operations, and setting up successful businesses, sharing our knowledge for our esteemed clients’ benefit.

Tourism License

A Tourism License is a specific type of business license in Dubai and the UAE, required for companies and individuals operating in the tourism industry. This license is necessary for businesses involved in activities such as operating hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, and other tourism-related services. The issuance of Tourism Licenses is overseen by the relevant authorities responsible for tourism regulation in Dubai and the UAE. Obtaining a Tourism License allows businesses to legally operate and offer tourism services, contributing to the vibrant tourism sector in the region.

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What do we Offer?

Dubai is a globally renowned travel destination known for its exceptional infrastructure and connectivity. Businesses operating in the travel and tourism sector, including hotels, restaurants, and travel agents, require a valid Tourism License approved by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Free zone licenses, on the other hand, depend on the specific business activities allowed within each free zone jurisdiction. The UAE has over 40 free zones, including prominent ones like twofour54, DMCC, and DIFC, each issuing its own set of business licenses. Offshore companies, however, do not require a separate offshore license to operate in Dubai or the UAE; a Certificate of Incorporation suffices. 

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White Star Business Setup Services LLC offers comprehensive assistance in obtaining business licenses in both mainland and free zones, leveraging their expertise and relationships with UAE authorities. Their experienced professionals can save time, money, and energy by facilitating interactions with multiple government bodies and agencies. For excellent business and trade license services in the UAE, consult white star to streamline your licensing process and address any related inquiries.

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